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Versus 11 30 in most of the nights, I often walk with the dog for a local park in downtown Rock Cemetery, and pornetto then back home on a canal path. His quiet and usually do not do much in the way people find, except on Friday and Saturday night, when the pornetto park is a bit like a low-profile area, as many couples dogging as a shortcut home from a night in town. I've seen some games in the park, and much, a few straws and sucking a couple of stuffed some nice Tottie usually with their partners. on a Monday night at the end of last summer I had a chance pornetto encounter, I have never forgotten, my wife was in bed watching television, and I yelled at her, I would like to take the dog and would long since murmered s something about her that I was asleep when I returned, typical I thought as I went. When I park my dog ​​pulled me next to a toilet block, which usually try to avoid, since it was used for years as a meeting placeCity gay night, pornetto but I had something like this happens never seen the place it was even more interested in tennis courts beyond the gardens, pornetto that's the pavilion and the gazebo, where the action is in place. While I was there in the dark near the bathrooms waiting for my dog ​​to urinate the sound of pornetto high heels into the park by ear, which sank in the shadows do not want the woman was frightened, but my dog barked a me out of the shadows, almost jumped out of the skin, appologised I hesitated, but he turned and made a fuss about my dog, 'I need a Ciggy later,' to put one in his mouth, lit it represent a long drag and offered a few took to me, I am currently in pornetto the state, however, is one, we talk and wonder was Tina, we are a good laugh together as they had know and she was convinced he was gay lurk here so late, I promised I was not there and my voice, I offered the most gay it for a walkthrough the park and went to ' ground beef ' on the road, we laughed, flirted and stare at each other in the dark, he looked very attractive, I'd pornetto say about thirty, who had short hair cut bob style dark, dark eyes, pale skin and lips painted red, wearing a black vest over a white shirt, showed a short tartan skirt beautiful legs. She was very small and even with the heels she was much smaller than me, took my offer and I took her hand, told him what I had to pee, and fell into the toilet, there was not much light in just a glimmer in the distant streetlights entry through the frosted glass I set my eyes to find the stable and began to urinate in the hand of a stranger grabbed the remote and pornetto sprinkled it on the wall everywhere, except in the bathroom, I turned was Tina and she laughed and said he had always wanted to do that, we packed when I turned around and started snogging each other, hands can not separate the chemicalbetween us was amazing, pornetto and my penis grew up with the idea it. as we kissed, my cock every time you masturbate pornetto its open top and felt her small breasts through her ​​bra, she knelt and took my cock in her mouth I pornetto felt the tip hit the back of his throat, his tongue licking the bottom while your hands holes and played with my balls. She was very good, and within minutes, I told him to stop, when pornetto I came out with cum in their relentless, and I unloaded my balls in the back of her throat in four or five big fuss, she swallowed the lot. We kissed a little, while we dressed, she went for ordering hair sink again made her lipstick, I was behind her, put my hands around his waist, one hand gripped the other pulled her tit short skirt tartan on her nice firm ass dresses unveiled a half-leg and tiny black thong, as my hand moves over the soft skin of her ass panties pulled me aside, got down and kissed his ass when he gave over my tongue in her butt crack was thdarkness and the tip of the tongue entered his hole, put down his cheeks at my side, pornetto to gain access. Only then will we be hearing voices in the road, jumped out and pushed me back into the position opened the door and told me to shut up, not knowing what the heck was going on, but I figured he knew at least one man, and seemed very happy to see him, I knew, it could have been her husband or boyfriend, so I kept quiet and looked thought the gap, led one man tell another: 'Tina is my bitch cum little, ¿ what ', she replied softly, ' cum whore 'he said, ' a bath bitch is not it? 'She replied obediently: ' Yes, a dog toilet, ' he said, ' You're going to suck, right? 'And again she answered,' Yes ' was back to me Tina behind them to me, but through the crack in the door, kneeling, I saw before them, and took turns sucking so, my cock was growing up seeing this and I could not resist undoing my pants and slowly masturbating me, she took one of the men leaned over the sink lifted her skirt and began to fuck her from behind, the two exchanged were a bit rough with her, but I heard her say ' fuck me harder,' as she was fucked, the other took the head of his cock and she sucked. Man fucks his cum had to overcome her ass, pulling out and said ' shes hot shit,' and the other behind him and suddenly grunted while filled with its cargo, which compresses them and left. Or left the barn, if I make sure she was gone, she stood bent over the toilet with her skirt and pulled the thong to one side, was breathing hard, my hand pornetto caressing her ass with no problems ' Please fuck me ' she whispered,' make me cum. ' I pressed my cock against her ass and his hand came from below and took me to her was very close, but the sperm into her easily helped me threw me strong, I got to slip and played wher small breasts, while its screwed, I was bursting with semen and my hand went into the fragile tissue of her thong to rub her clit, but I felt a shock, I could do was a little hard to cock and a pair shrunken balls, I felt bad was fucking a guy in the ass, I I had to do, I knew I masturbated discharged 'her ' cock and my balls in 'their' ass and moved very fast and I was so embarressed. He turned around and told me to kneel down and open your mouth, little by little, so I closed my eyes, as he has fed his cock in my mouth a bitter taste and salty but my lips wrapped around and shook my tongue over the end, snatched as she slipped into my mouth amd leaking a small amount of seeds from the end of my tongue. I do not know why, but I kissed her again and she said 'thank you' asked if he found meet again, she smiled and gave me his phone number, got dressed and walked with her through the park that we have just one word on the road toOn the other hand, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said : 'Call me' that they parted our pornetto ways.
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